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April 28, 2010

Hildebrand Strategies is proud to have played a role in helping elect Mike Huether to be the next mayor of Sioux Falls.

This morning, Hildebrand Strategies was recognized for their success in developing winning campaigns. The Argus Leader credits the Sioux Falls based consulting firm with Mike Huether's victory in the mayor's race over political veteran Kermit Staggers.

"But it was key strategic decisions made in the final weeks of the campaign to accentuate [Huether's] scaled-back plan for a new events center - backed by a professional get-out-the-vote effort - that separated Huether from a crowded field two weeks ago and launched him past Staggers in the run-off.

Huether is the first political newcomer in 25 years to win the mayor's post, and he's the first person without political experience to win since the strong-mayor system began in 1994."

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The President and Michelle Obama recognize Steve Hildebrand for his role in winning the White House.